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Quotes from Parents

“Please accept my sincere gratitude for the effort and energy you put in to my son. For that matter, please extend this thanks to the entire team at Evoke. This past several months have been challenging and you and your team have given my family a second chance. God only knows what may have happened had you not been involved in our lives. You are proof that good people can make a difference. I know that my son is on the right path and a better person because of you. I pray that he will not look back and that you were part of a turning point that has changed his life for the better.”

“Our daughter is just blossoming more and more each day. She’s never sung so full out and passionately. One of her dance teachers told her “I can’t really explain how you’re different since you have been back, except to say that it’s like you swallowed a star and you’re glowing”. Thank-you again, the work you do is amazing!”

“I feel so taken care of - an unexpected surprise. I thought you guys just took care of our kids.”

“I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the things you did and continue doing for us. The way you do your job with such a dignity, love and devotion leave us, the parents so confident that our son is in the best and I mean the best possible hands. Thank you is not enough, and I don't think there are any words for my wife and I to describe how we feel about everything that you did.”

“Evoke was outstanding, not just for our son but for our whole family. From the moment our son arrived at the program, we felt we were in good hands. And while the program was very helpful for our son and his growth, the support and education we received from Evoke changed my life just as much. I will be forever grateful of the things I learned that helped me as a mother. I can also say that the principles and tools I learned have also helped me in many other areas of my life.”

“We are grateful, not only that the trend is positive (not a straight line but always positive), but extremely grateful for the help, solace, education, and guidance that each of you gave us to get us to where we are.”

“Thank you so much for taking him on and leading him to this point in his journey. He is really on the way back to becoming himself again, but now a much more mature, emotionally connected, and sensitive self. We think he is ready to embrace his next steps. His smile is telling.”

“This process has made me feel closer to my son than I have felt in a long time. He seems so open and hopeful.”

“Thanks for gaining our son's trust. He was able to feel your authenticity and understand your insights, and that's no small accomplishment. You have helped him in such profound ways.”

“Thanks again for everything you did for our son and for our family. We have a feeling that when he looks back and counts the hero's in his life, you will be there.”

“I can’t tell you how many times I reflected our sons feelings and said a version of, “You’re right. This may not be the right thing. This is our decision for the best next step. We’ll see.” Thank you Brad!”

“We appreciate your work with our son and us. We know we have more work ahead of us and are grateful for your help getting us on the path. Thank you!”

“Evoke has been the most incredible experience for my son and for our family as a unit and he will be leaving soon and moving on to a therapeutic boarding school with tools that he could have never received anywhere else but Evoke. Thank you for this gift !!!!”

“Know your compassion for these kids is a true gift, and I feel blessed to have worked with you these past few months.”

Quotes from Past Clients

“You saved my life 4 years ago, I wanted to tell you where I am now and how I'm doing with life.”

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