The Outdoor Behavior Healthcare Council (OBH) states that when compared to an average teen, clients at an Evoke Therapy Programs are, “3 times safer than being at home.”

Evoke Therapy Programs create safe, positive, and effective programs by making risk management our top priority. This healthy atmosphere is shaped through our policies and procedures regarding staff, clients, and the environment we work in. 

Our Staff

  • Undergo 30 field days of training before becoming a Field Instructor, where they are taught risk management, conflict resolution, emotional and physical safety, facilitating group therapy sessions as well as other counseling skills. Field Instructors are also trained in environmental minimal impact practices, sanitation and health, emergency procedures, and local environmental precautions including terrain, weather, plants, animals, navigational skills, medical concerns, evacuation, fire, runaway, and lost participants
  • Participate in weekly in-service meetings addressing clinical and current medical concerns, practices, and hands-on medical trainings
  • Have direct access, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to our on-call Medical Coordinator (RN), and Medical Director (MD)
  • Receive initial and weekly risk management training
  • Field instructors are CPR and Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certified


  • Are pre-screened by our medical directors, clinical director, and admissions counselors
  • Receive a medical intake physical to confirm physical appropriateness for the program
  • Receive an initial assessment from their therapists to address any clinical concerns
  • Have access to a therapist on call 24/7 in order to address any clinical concerns
  • Are properly outfitted with high-quality gear and clothing
  • The instructor-to-Client ratio of 1:3
  • Receive an in-field physical assessment every 2-3 weeks by Medical Coordinator

The Environment

  • Direct and immediate communication is available from the wilderness to support staff 24-hours a day, 365-days a year with two-way radios and satellite phones
  • Immediate access to support from EMS (Emergency Medical Service) including helicopter medical services
  • Regular trainings with local EMS and medical professionals
  • Incident debriefing to provide support for all parties involved
  • Quarterly risk management meetings to determine areas of improvement
  • As a member of OBH, we participate in risk management research where industry trends are tracked and preventative measures are addressed at Evoke and with all OBH members


The quality of gear makes a significant difference in maintaining the greatest level of safety, comfort, and care in the wilderness setting. Evoke Therapy Programs emphasizes this fact, exceeding other program and state gear requirements, to ensure our clients have a safe and enjoyable experience. We also believe that being a conscientious consumer is a significant responsibility; to this end, Evoke is committed to working with companies that provide great gear and have responsible business models.

Evoke Therapy Programs is proud to partner with Sherpa Adventure Gear, a Sherpa-owned and operated company providing the highest quality of technical clothing tested by Sherpas in the Himalayan Mountains. Sherpa Adventure Gear is manufactured in Nepal with a commitment to educate and train the next generation of Nepalese. Learn more about Sherpa Adventure Gear and its mission.

Sherpa Adventure Gear used by Evoke Therapy Programs includes the following:

  • our winter parkas
  • our mid-weight synthetic puffy jacket
  • synthetic insulated vest
  • rain gear
  • mid-layer fleece tops
  • mid-layer fleece bottoms

Additional gear our program uses:

  • custom made Kelty backpacks
  • custom Sierra Designs sleeping bags
  • Keen, Oboz and Hi-Tec hiking boots
  • Princeton Tec headlamps
  • Nalgene water bottles
  • NEOS overshoes