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Substance Abuse / Dependence

Substance abuse and addiction can take on many different forms. Substance dependence occurs when the individual continues to use a substance despite significant substance-related problems. The person’s repeated use of the substance can cause tolerance, withdrawal, or compulsive drug-taking behavior. The person with substance dependence has most likely tried to stop or cut down on the use repeatedly with little or no success.

Substance abuse leads to severe consequences such as using drugs in dangerous situations, not fulfilling major obligations, or reoccurring legal problems resulting from the use of the drug. Evoke uses a 12-step approach with a comprehensive mental health clinical team.

Often depression, anxiety, and other mental health issue predispose individuals to use and abuse. Removing the power-struggle and the shame, our clients and families receive comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and medical support to rid themselves of debilitating disease. Hopelessness is replaced with hope, and where many treatment attempts have failed, Evoke's Wilderness Therapy can often reach clients. Parents and families receive robust education and support in the areas of co-dependency and co-participation issues. Nature is a restorative place for those suffering from what many consider to be a spiritual disease.

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