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This disorder occurs after a person has experienced an extreme traumatic stressor. The stressor could be a number of things ranging from the threat of death or serious injury to oneself, experiencing death or serious injury of someone else, or learning about serious harm to someone close. Victims of bullying often suffer from PTSD.

Trauma need not meet a certain criteria for it to have a negative impact on the global functioning of an individual, but PTSD is a severely limiting impact on an individual. A person with PTSD may experience intense fear, helplessness, or horror in anticipation of the next exposure to a traumatic event. The person may experience the traumatic event over again in different ways such as a flashback or, more simply, experience life as frightening and unsafe. A variety of symptoms can be present with PTSD.

Our safe, structured setting helps clients get to the root of the injury so that symptoms can be diminished and replaced with more rational thoughts and a higher level of functioning.

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