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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder can be exhausting and painful for both the individual suffering from it and their loved ones. The individual with Bipolar Disorder experiences severe highs and lows called manic episodes.

A manic episode is a period of time in which the person has a euphoric or elevated mood, including inflated self-esteem, pressured or rapid speech, increasing desire for interpersonal relations such as talking with strangers, and a decreased need for sleep. Irritability, bouts of severe depression with dangerous or self-harming behaviors, compulsive sex, shopping, or unstable social relationships are best treated with medication and cognitive-behavioral therapies.

Wilderness Therapy is an interruption or time-out of the chaotic cycle, providing individuals with assessment stabilization and long-term treatment planning. Our therapists are informed by dialectical approaches and provide family members, parents, and siblings, with ongoing support in order to deal with this challenge. In our safe setting, individuals with Bi-polar Disorder have the time to gain perspective and accept treatment, moving out of denial.

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