Throughout the day and during personal time students will focus on their academic work, a key component of their assessment. Evoke has created a customized curriculum, one of the only Wilderness Therapy programs to be accredited. Accredited by Cognia, our curriculum teaches your child about the environment they are living in, as well as how to communicate their feelings in healthy ways, and how to better take care of their health through appropriate diet, nutrition, and exercise. Our curriculum also provides your child the opportunity to earn .5 high school credits in each of the following: English, Psychology, Biology and Physical Education.

Universal Design for Learning at Evoke

By incorporating Universal Design for Learning (UDL), we more effectively reach the broadest number of clients and address their underlying issues. According to the Center for Excellence in Universal Design, UDL is "the design and composition of an environment so that it can be accessed, understood and used to the greatest extent possible by all people regardless of their differences or abilities."

An example of UDL in product design is a ramped entrance to a building. While it may be designed for someone in a wheelchair, it also works well for someone pushing a stroller, the elderly, or someone on crutches. Learning to align therapeutic communication with an eye towards different types of learning strengths and weaknesses helps us reach all of our students and their families.