Online Testimonials

“...my take away from this program is experiencing true genuine feelings of empathy and compassion for another human being. It's almost like you stop seeing the person instead you start seeing and feeling the depth of their pain. This is huge for me because it's changing the way I see my own son who is struggling. For the first time I can see and feel his pain. I feel like I can finally interact with him on his level... ” - Sonjha

“...an incredible experience that I will never regret investing in. This intensive not only benefited us both personally but also brought us closer together and gave us an experience and tools to help us be better parents...” -Sheila

“Words do not do this program justice. I am eternally grateful for the process of growth and change that was made possible through the guidance of my amazing therapists. I have a commitment to myself, my truth, my voice, my needs, and my boundaries for the first time in my life. Thank you!” - Christy Z.

“... a safe place for me to express myself and “see” my husband in a way I haven’t seen him in years. I learned tools for better communication and a framework to better understand healthy relationships. I hope I can continue to use these things in my everyday life...” - Lynne

“... My Online Finding You Intensive with Evoke was exactly what I needed. This was a deeply emotional process, and the therapeutic staff did a wonderful job facilitating and providing a safe space for my process. I feel that I have had a much-needed emotional deep-cleaning...” - Blake C.


In-person Testimonials

“It was a traumatic experience learning that the pain and shame that I kept locked inside, believing them to be a part of me I needed to figure out how to shed or get rid of, cannot be left behind. I was guided to see this pain and experience processing it as a part of me that I must embrace. Frankly, it was nothing short of transformational.” - Anonymous

"Finding You is an incredible opportunity whether you have a child in treatment or not. It will give you clarity in areas where you feel stuck and broaden your connections with others who wish to live in a more awakened state. It is an essential pathway towards peace and understanding of yourself and your relationships." - Susan

“This is the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time, if not ever. The environment is so supportive and the work so meaningful...” - Beth

“This program allowed me to grow and awake in a way that I didn't know was possible. I have been through 15 years of therapy and it hasn't given me the shifts that happened during this intensive. The therapists create such a safe space. The other participants were kind of nurturing. The staff made us fabulous food. I felt so well taken care of. The process was powerful and effective. This really works.” - Anonymous

“I came with an expectation of receiving answers about fundamental questions in my life, only to realize that it's more valuable to know why I am asking the question.” - Anonymous

“...The connections and support I received from the other participants is something that I never want to lose. Brad and the other therapists were great resources and more than happy to take the time to explain things I was having trouble understanding. This was an experience I won't forget and taught me that I should be my number one priority...” - Anonymous

"I cannot give a strong enough suggestion to book yourself into Finding You. There was such vulnerability from everyone there in our group and I can confidently say that what we all took away from our work together was invaluable in so many areas of life. I also now have a new group of friends that I honestly feel I will be connected to, and in touch with, for the rest of my life. It feels great to be in a place in which I am more open, understanding, and willing to let go of expectations. For the first time, I have moved from constantly questioning, 'Why did I have a son with all these problems?' and 'Why did all this happen to me and my family?' to a recognition that perhaps its purpose was to lead me on a journey of self-enlightenment and a strengthening of self and all my relationships. Truly an amazing experience. - Chad K.