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Intensives for Couples

Emotional intimacy is a basic human need. Rediscover the connection missing from your marriage

Intensives for Couples

Finding Connection

Finding Connection helps couples rediscover intimacy, communicate effectively, and navigate conflict. Therapists take couples beyond traditional marriage counseling, in an emotionally safe environment, to address unfinished business and develop new pathways for connection. Evoke’s enrollment team builds a private program for the unique needs of each couple. Get your relationship back on track and remember why you fell in love.

 Upcoming Dates

February 1-5, 2023 Custom dates available

Finding Connection Intensives focus on:

  • Rediscovering love and intimacy
  • Navigating conflict
  • Practicing healthy communication
  • Clarifying boundaries
  • Understanding self-medicating behaviors
  • Codependency
  • Healing betrayals
  • Repairing trust
  • Parenting or co-parenting issues
  • Marriage and couples counseling

 We are wounded in relationships, and we heal in relationships.

Hope is Here

Finding Connection helps couples uncover the barriers and build new skills for greater intimacy. The Finding Connection intensive is not just a conversation between two people, it’s a conversation with all the relationships that have shaped us. Please contact our Registration Specialists for more information by phone at 866.411.6600 or email the registration team.

As you begin your journey towards a healthy relationship, you may find some of these helpful:

Find Intimacy Again

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"The Finding Connection Intensive was an incredible experience that I will never regret investing in. This Intensive not only benefited us both personally but also brought us closer together and gave us the experience and tools to help us be better parents."