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Birgit Show, MS, BBS, LPC

Assistant Clinical Director & Therapist at Cascades




Birgit Show, MS, BBS, LPC

Assistant Clinical Director & Therapist at Cascades

Birgit works well with strongly guarded adolescent boys. Her areas of clinical expertise include substance abuse, depression, anxiety, ADHD, attachment and adoption issues, oppositional defiance, school failure, body image issues, and relational-problems with peers and family. She approaches the search for meaning in grief and loss and the axis shifting the impact of trauma narratively while helping clients reorient and rediscover their Urvertrauen, which is translated from German as an ancient and foundational trust of one’s self at the core of their being. Birgit is passionate about helping her students get to a place of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. She uses collaborative approaches, tailor-fitted to best suit the needs of each client while offering a holistic model of care that is sensitive to multicultural factors.

Education & Prior Work Experience 

Birgit received her Bachelor of Science in business administration in 1998 and was one of 20 trainees selected from 6,000 applicants for the BMW business administration trainee program. After three years, she decided to leave a lucrative career with BMW and made the decision to switch fields from business to counseling. Following a dream and a calling to invest in people rather than products, she earned her Master of Science in pedagogy from the University of Augsburg. Since then, Birgit has operated in therapeutic environments for more than 17 years. She has operated in a youth psychiatric clinic, transitional youth shelters, as a wilderness field instructor, as an educational specialist for a therapeutic program in Germany, and as the director of a youth center before starting her current position at Evoke. Birgit has been with Evoke in varying capacities since 2007. She has lived and traveled all over the world, from which a deep respect for cultural diversity has been developed. Birgit also speaks several languages.


Birgit originally comes from Southern Germany. She grew up close to the Alps between Germany and Austria and received her training and education in the homeland of revolutionary psychologists like Jung, Adler, and Frankl. Her passion for others runs as deep as the history that surrounded her in her upbringing; it is in her blood. Birgit’s relentless positivity and enthusiastic nature is contagious and fosters a warm and safe emotional climate for her clients. She is able to connect with clients who may be resistant to treatment as she fosters resilience through a creative approach and tenacious dedication. She sees the wilderness as a transformative setting that provides a safe place where clients can improve their self-worth, heal from past wounds, and find their place in the world.


Birgit lives in Sunriver, Oregon with her husband Brad and her daughters Franka and Magdalena. She loves going on adventures with her family and her bearded collie, Betty Lou, and the fearless Weimaraner, Disco. The family duck, Bella, makes sure that the house stays safe while the family is out playing. Birgit loves to be active and enjoys swimming, mountain biking, hitting the slopes of Mt. Bachelor, and anything that entails going fast. She wished BMW would engineer a special M-Power race pickup truck, that allows fast movement on those painfully slow and bumpy roads of the Cascades field area.