Due to their training, and from working with families with young adult and adolescents in wilderness therapy, Evoke therapists have unique skills that can assist parents and individuals with clarity and guidance in navigating many of life’s challenges. Our Coaching Program provides guidance during critical phases of each individual’s journey. Whether help is needed prior to wilderness therapy, during wilderness therapy, during a transitional phase, or post-wilderness therapy, our staff can offer parents or young people support and direction helping them to navigate challenges associated with the following:

  • Parenting Issues
  • Issues related to mental health or addiction challenges
  • Relationship challenges
  • Issues related to co-dependency
  • Communication training
  • Navigating challenges related to life-transitions
  • Help in dealing with important life decisions
  • Reintegration from the wilderness and other treatment settings to the home
  •  Ongoing recommendations for other sources of support such as books, podcasts, and support groups.

Coaches will work with Educational Consultants, home therapists, and other providers to ensure clients are receiving the help that compliments the support that these professionals are providing. Traditional wrap-around coaching and mentoring programs require contracts with lengthy time commitments. Our sessions are billed hourly, on a week-to-week basis, so participants pay only for the services they receive. Participants of our program have access to the following:

  • Family, Parent & Individual Coaching
  • Phone (or video conferencing as schedule allows)
  • Quick (5 to 10 min) check-in or questions included
  • Access to live (twice weekly) and archived Webinars indefinitely
  • Free attendance at Evoke’s regional support groups

Email our admissions staff at or call them at 866.411.6600 for more information or to sign up with one of our coaches to experience the support and guidance you need.