Coaching Services

Parents, Couples, Families, and Individuals

Evoke Coaching provides access to a world class team of professionals available to you at a place and time that is most convenient for your needs. We offer the flexibility and specialization to go beyond traditional telehealth support, creating a pathway to clarify your boundaries, improve communication, and repair connection with yourself and the people you love.

Not all telehealth services are the same. We provide personalized care allowing you space to tell your story and find a coach to fit your needs with no pressure to commit to pre-paid packages. All Evoke Coaching services are billed hourly, on a week-to-week basis, so our clients pay only for the services they receive. Your time and energy are a vital resource and we have developed our coaching program to maximize your investment.

Our Approach

As a leader in attachment-based coaching, we provide the depth and unique perspective to translate insight into daily practice. Our coaches offer a wide range of expertise to guide you through critical phases of life transitions and deepen your capacity to grow in relationships. Common challenges we address include:

  • Clarifying boundaries and communication skill building
  • Parenting and family dynamic issues
  • Wraparound support for families with children and adults in treatment
  • Reintegration from treatment settings back to the home environment
  • Couples and intimacy issues
  • Co-dependency related issues
  • Post-Intensive support and integration
  • Navigating challenges related to stage of life issues
  • Increasing self-awareness and insight
  • Psychedelic therapy integration
  • Crisis in faith or spirituality
  • Guilt and shame related issues
  • Recovery support and addiction issues
  • LGBTQ+ support and guidance

Due to the breadth of training and experience within the Evoke coaching team, we provide a wide range of specialized services to support your particular situation. Specialized coaching services are designed to provide depth and flexibility to meet the unique needs of a complicated world. Specialized coaching services include the following:

Coaching for Parents, Partners & Siblings

When a family member or loved one is suffering, it’s crucial to find safe places to get the support you need. Family members need skilled professionals to process the grief, guilt, anger, betrayal, and trauma they’ve experienced in relationship to a loved one struggling with mental health issues. Others need to understand the part they play in the drama, learning new skills and developing greater awareness. Loving someone who is struggling can take its toll, and Evoke Coaching offers a path towards getting the support and guidance you need to find peace for yourself and for your loved ones.

Parent Intensives

Our parent intensives go beyond the typical hourly session allowing for a multi-day process to get at the heart of the issues they are facing. There is a reason why parenting skills are hard to put into practice. Parents are faced with increasingly complex decisions while needing a safe space and adequate time to understand the root of the issues that get them stuck. Parent Intensives can be customized to fit your needs and unique circumstances allowing you to engage in a parallel process of healing and emotional growth with a child that is struggling. In-person and online options are available.

Family Coaching

As a leader in attachment-based coaching, we don’t subscribe to the construct of an “identified patient.” Rather, we work with each family to develop a comprehensive service plan to address the individual needs of the entire family system. Options may include a combination of individual coaching, family intensives, adventure trips and retreats, communication skill training and executive functioning support, recovery coaching, transition planning, and ongoing collaboration with home therapists, educational consultants, and broader treatment teams.

Couples Coaching

Learning to expand our capacity to love with boundaries, to repair trust, and make meaning from childhood wounds is no easy task. It takes a highly sophisticated professional to help couples do this work together. Evoke coaches offer a unique perspective to help individuals learn how to repair the Self in order to heal and grow in relationship. In addition to weekly telehealth sessions, we also offer the option of combining couples coaching with a Couples Intensive. This option provides the additional time and depth to make lasting change possible.

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Psychedelic Therapy Integration

With the new wave of psychiatry supporting the use of medically prescribed psychedelics, there is a need for clinical professionals with the training and experience to help clients integrate these experiences into their daily lives. Many of our coaches have advanced training in this field, and possess a unique combination of clinical expertise and attachment-based perspective to help individuals make meaning from altered states of consciousness and develop practical goals to make lasting changes from these experiences.

All Evoke Coaching clients also benefit from the following:

  • Discounts on in-person and online Intensives
  • Access to live (weekly) webinars
  • Free attendance to Evoke support groups
  • Collaboration with your treatment team at home

Email our enrollment team at or call us at 866.411.6600 for more information.

*Evoke Coaching is a telehealth practice that is not a substitute for clinical services from a medical provider.