Entrada in Santa Clara, Utah

Evoke at Entrada
2711 Santa Clara Drive 
Santa Clara, UT  84765



Evoke at Entrada is located in Santa Clara, UT, two hours northeast of Las Vegas, near St. George, Utah. Beautiful mountains and scenic deserts surround Entrada, within hours of the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce National Parks. Entrada’s wilderness areas are made up of a unique and beautiful setting. Entrada for Teens and Adults is located in a rare geographical region, where the Great Basin, Colorado Plateau and the Mojave Desert converge. Program field areas are public lands, managed by the Bureau of Land Management and federal U.S. Forest Service land. Elevation ranges from 3500-8000 feet.

The semi-arid climate provides the area with over 300 days of sunshine as well as rainfall seasons in the early spring and late summer, averaging about eight inches of annual precipitation. Temperatures in the summer range from the lower to upper 90s during the day to mid 60s at night while winter temperatures are fairly mild with daily highs in the 50s and lows reaching into the 20s.