Cascades Adventure Activities

The Evoke at Cascades location incorporates adventure activities in one of its adolescent groups. With 16 years of wilderness therapy experience, Licensed Psychologist Dr. J Huffine is now utilizing a number of these exciting adventure activities in his group to provide opportunities of motivation and engagement.

In addition to these adventure activities, Dr. Huffine’s group continues to utilize evidence-based methods of experiential therapy found in the nomadic therapeutic model. This model provides day-to-day, moment-to-moment learning experiences, continuing to utilize what has been Cascade’s cornerstone of success in helping adolescents and young adults progress for years. Our method of wilderness therapy facilitates the development of resilience, insight, personal accountability, coping and social skills and provides the therapeutic impact that only a nomadic model can provide.

Adding adventure activities will add more elements of fun and excitement, as well as help increase motivation and provide opportunities for applying and generalizing skills. The adventure activities will include a wide variety of outdoor activities, provided by local guiding companies, that specialize in exploring and enjoying the rich outdoor culture of Bend, Oregon.

Dr. Huffine spends two days each week in the field with the group, conducting individual and group therapy sessions, and guiding the treatment team through an individualized approach for each student. He is also involved in adventure activities with the students. Local guides with years of experience lead each adventure activity, providing technical expertise and ensuring the safety of the participants. The adventure activities are designed to enhance the overall experience without compromising the core elements of the program that facilitate change.