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Intensive Programs

Evoke's Therapeutic Intensives are for individuals, parents, couples, and families. Our Intensives help participants develop awareness about the impact of their history and their present-day challenges and relationships. While these programs are independent of our wilderness therapy programs, they can also be coordinated while a child or young adult is enrolled at Evoke.

Intensives for Individuals, Parents, Couples, and Families

Therapeutic Intensives focus on the following issues:
• Co-dependency
• Conflict in relationships and communication skills
• Understanding cycles of depression and anxiety
• Struggles with important life decisions
• Developing clarity and identity
• Healing trauma and childhood wounds
• Parenting and couples challenges
• Healing self-medicating behaviors
• Grief and loss issues
• Building skills for greater intimacy in relationships
• Forgiveness for self and others

Finding You is a four-day program for individuals with some therapy experience who may feel stuck or could benefit from a therapeutic accelerator. It can also serve as a springboard for those new to therapy, looking for some direction as they begin their work.

Finding Family is for families looking to get unstuck, build connections, and confront difficult family dynamics.

Finding Connection is for couples looking to move past pain and conflict, move toward intimacy, and improve communication.

Embracing You is an intensive that provides a safe, healing environment for women of color.

Custom private intensives are available upon request.

Upcoming Intensives Dates:

Finding You:

April 22nd-25th
May 27th-31st
July 22nd-26th
August 19th-23rd
September 17th-20th
October 7th-11th
November 11th-15th
December 2nd-6th

Contact our Admissions Team for more details at 866.411.6600 or email

Click here to read a letter from a parent about their intensive experience. 

Quotes From Participants of the Intensives:

The Evoke Family Intensive Weekend was a life-changing event. For four days we (husband, wife, and son) worked on our personal issues, delved into family of origin connections with behavior, learned communication skills, and knocked down the walls we used to hide our deepest selves. The end result was better family communication and a depth of self-knowledge that brought us closer together. We left feeling exhausted and exhilarated. The three of us salute Brad [Reedy] for facilitating this remarkable weekend. - Intensive Participant

I did the Finding You intensive in October. Not a day goes by that I do not think about the experience or reference some "truth" that I discovered about myself. If anyone is thinking, "That would be nice, but maybe not for me" is for you. It is like getting six plus months (or more) of therapy in a few days. Intense, yes, hard at times, yes, but fun too! You won't regret it! - Denise Russell Carter