Family Resources

Evoke Therapy Programs has been a pioneer in integrating family support into Wilderness Therapy for over 20 years. We believe that supporting the family is integral in getting the best possible results. We provide a robust and unparalleled list of services for parents, siblings, extended family, and friends of Evoke participants.

  • Parent Coordinators 
  • Parent Mentors 
  •  Interactive Parent Portal 
  • Weekly Parent Phone Calls 
  • Twice Weekly Live Webinar Broadcast 
  • An Extensive Archive of Webinars and Podcasts 
  • Parent Workshops 
  • Parent-Child Phone Therapy 
  • Parent Visits to the Field 
  • Regional Parent Support Groups 
  • Additional Services: Finding You, Finding Family, Pursuits Adventure Trips, Coaching

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” - Aristotle

While the participant at Evoke may be the one with the most noticeable suffering, we know that all family members have been affected by the circumstances and events that lead to seeking treatment. We treat each family member with compassion and non-judgment, offering a variety of sources for support, education, and healing.

Parents often tell us that while Evoke was wonderful for their child, it also changed their life. Our family program and services offer hope, peace of mind, and healing to the vicarious trauma loved one’s experience when watching a child suffering with mental health and addiction issues.

Parent Coordinators
In addition to the therapist, each family is assigned a parent coordinator. During office hours, these experienced and compassionate professionals are there from day 1 to provide you with information, answer questions, and help you navigate your Evoke experience.

Parent Mentors
Each family is offered a parent mentor. These mentors are previous Evoke parents who can offer parent-to-parent support, especially during the emotional early days in the program. These volunteers are eager to “give-back’” and offer the guidance that others provided for them.

Interactive Parent Portal
Each parent will be provided a confidential login to access their personalized parent portal. Weekly assignments and resources are provided by the program and tailored by your therapist to address your family’s specific needs. Assignments, letters from your child, pictures, and a group journal keep the family connected to their child’s experience and their day-to-day lives.

Weekly Parent Phone Calls
Each family will have a weekly phone session with their child’s therapist. These calls will consist of weekly updates on your child’s progress (including assessment, diagnosis, prognosis, and information relating to the next step), a review of weekly letter writing (to and from your child) assignments, support and direction for the family. These calls are both a window into your child’s world as well as an opportunity to learn about ways you can support the changes your child is making.

Twice Weekly Live Webinar Broadcast
Co-founder and author of the book, The Journey of the Heroic Parent, Dr. Brad Reedy broadcasts live webinars each week for parents and family members. Topics include dealing with specific mental health and addiction topics and well as parent education. Parents can interact with Dr. Reedy and ask live questions. These webinars provide parents a wealth of resources both during and after their child’s stay at Evoke. Evoke parents are provided life-time access to these broadcasts, offering them an opportunity to reconnect to the lessons learned during their child’s stay.

Extensive Archive of Webinars and Podcasts
Since 2007, Dr. Reedy has broadcast over 1000 Webinars for parents and families of wilderness participants. Parents can access our library and select from a variety of topics including Anxiety, Grief, Boundaries, Connection, Addiction, Aftercare, and many more. In addition, these broadcasts are available on a podcast app, so parents can listen on the go and family members can learn about the principles taught by Evoke’s therapy team.

Parent Workshops
We invite every parent to attend one of our multi-family, experiential workshops during their child’s stay at Evoke. These workshops are led by the Evoke Clinical team and co-facilitated by our field staff. Experiential activities, parent education, communication skills practice, and connecting with other parents provide participants rich and invaluable sources of support. These workshops can be combined with a visit to the field to meet with the therapist, group, staff and your child if the therapist suggests that the timing is right for your family.

Parent-Child Phone Calls
We were the first wilderness program to offer phone therapy during a child’s wilderness therapy experience. Using satellite and cell phones, parents can have one or more phone therapy sessions during your child’s stay. These meetings are recommended by your therapist and they must meet with your child’s clinical readiness. We believe these calls can be invaluable, allowing families to work on communication and relationships live and in real-time.

Parent Visits to the Field
Since our first program opened and long before any wilderness program allowed parents to visit the field during the program, we have invited parents to participate with their child in the wilderness experience. Parents may be invited to participate in a field visit with their child during and at the conclusion of the program. These visits are aimed at reconnecting families in the wilderness, as well as practicing and implementing new tools and skills. The therapist will determine the timing of these visits and parents will work with the therapist to establish the goals and objectives for the visit.

Regional Parent Support Groups
Evoke holds parent support groups across the United States and Canada throughout year. These meetings are run by Evoke’s therapists and provide parents education, parent-to-parent connection, and a safe place to tell their stories.

Additional Optional Services (additional fee required)

Finding You
Finding You is an Intensive retreat hosted at Evoke’s Summit Lodge in Park City, Utah. These 4-day retreats are for individuals who want to do deeper work to heal trauma, work on codependency, restore balance, and find greater peace and clarity in life. Participants address current life and relationship challenges by exploring past and present life experiences using psychodrama, group therapy, mindfulness, and psychoeducation.

Finding Family
Finding Family is a custom Intensive retreat for families who want to explore relationship challenges and improve communication skills. These programs are customized to meet the family’s goals and can be helpful for families experiencing addiction, conflict, codependency, and other uses related to mental health. Participants walk away with greater insight into what is holding them back as well as tangible tools and skills for their future.

Pursuits Adventure Trips
Pursuits Adventure Trips offer families and young adults the opportunity to reconnect to themselves and each other using fun and the outdoors. These customizable trips are an opportunity to unplug and provide participants with a feeling sense of empowerment. Trips are led by our experienced field guides, with or without a therapist. Trip lengths are adjustable and activities such as rappelling, white-water rafting, climbing, fly fishing, canyoneering, hiking, mountain biking, snow shoeing, and international service trips all provide a vehicle for individuals to rediscover their passion or for families to rediscover each other.

In response to hundreds of requests for the kind of quality support that Evoke’s Wilderness clients receive on our weekly calls between parents and therapists, we are offering coaching services. Parent or Individual Coaching is for anyone who finds that they need more support in their day-to-day life. Whether coping with the challenge of a struggling child or with reintegrating home after treatment, parents and their children can utilize the experience clinical team at Evoke via phone or video conferencing for more support and direction. This service requires no long-term contract and can be used before, during or after Evoke, as well as by those not associated with Evoke’s other programs.