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Cascades Workshop Schedule

Day One

9:00 am Welcome and Connecting.
10:00 am “The Perfect Parent: Myth and Reality”
10:30 am Break
10:45 am The Drama Triangle
11:45 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Stories and Experiences of Evoke Alumni
2:15 pm Break
3:00 pm I feel Statement Group with practice
4:00 pm Sitting group to wrap up the day

Day Two

9:00 am “A Day In The Life” Getting a flavor of what it’s like to be in the wilderness!
  Meet in the Evoke Office Parking Lot at 20332 Empire Ave, Bend OR 97701 Please dress in comfortable, outdoor attire appropriate for the season. This will include a short hike and participation in several activities your child experiences on her/his journey at Evoke Therapy Programs.
9:10 am Travel to “The Wilderness” (turn in phones)
9:45 am A Short Hike
10:15 am Sitting Group “Wellness Cycle”
10:45 am Wilderness Snack “GORP & fruit”
11:00 am Hard Skills “Busting”
12:00 pm P-time & Wilderness Lunch (letter writing and reflection time)
2:00 pm Check-in and brief group discussion about the morning
3:00 pm Return to the office
4:15 pm

Fill out Evaluations before you go


6:00 pm

Dinner on your own, however, we will reserve tables at a local restaurant for those who wish to continue interacting.