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Mike Mein, M.Ed., LCMHC, NCC

Therapist at Entrada



Mike Mein, M.Ed., LCMHC, NCC

Therapist at Entrada

Mike works well with impulsive, defiant, aggressive, and substance using/abusing adolescents. He works from the model that these conspicuous behaviors tend to camouflage deeper issues often related to identity development, self-esteem, trauma, and peer and family relationships. Mike excels at addressing these behaviors while exploring the underlying causes. He calls this process, "tracing the defenses to find the wounds". Mike’s enjoyable and engaging nature matches well with the adolescent male population, who often need to strike a healthy balance of hard work, intensive therapy, and fun.

Education & Prior Work Experience

After graduating from East Stroudsburg University Mike began his search for a career in the outdoors working as a counselor at a wilderness therapy program for juvenile offenders in Florida. Impassioned by his experience in Florida and seeking to improve his clinical skills, Mike joined the Entrada team, now Evoke at Entrada, in 2007 and worked as a Field Instructor for three years before returning to school to pursue a graduate degree in counseling psychology. Mike received his Master of Education at William Paterson University in Professional Counseling. During graduate school, Mike worked at a community mental health agency where he split his time between the family counseling program and the Intoxicated Driver’s Resource Center (IDRC).


Mike is known for his high energy, creativity, and ability to build rapport. These qualities allow him to break through barriers and reach clients effectively. Adolescents who are often turned off by traditional approaches appreciate Mike’s authenticity. He provides clients an opportunity to experience the process of therapy under a different light. Mike’s approach is built around the therapist-client relationship. The therapeutic alliance Mike is able to create provides the support necessary for self-exploration, reflection, and acceptance. This strength also allows Mike to utilize confrontation and generate growth through discomfort. Another great strength of Mike’s is his ability to utilize empowerment to maximize the effectiveness of skills, techniques, therapeutic interventions, and assignments throughout the client’s experience.


Mike is an avid distance runner who can often be spotted galloping up the mountains in southern Utah. He enjoys various sports and outdoor activities including hiking, skydiving, snowboarding, surfing (or in Mike’s case, falling), and bocce ball. Mike is a Knicks fan, Liverpool fan, and a die-hard NY Giants fan. He has recently found interest in cycling and watching races like the Tour de France, the Paris-Roubaix, and the USA pro challenge. Mike used to play guitar in a punk rock/rock n’ roll band, and although his days of bright lights, roaring crowds, and big stages have long since passed, he still enjoys plugging in once and a while and reliving the dream.