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Jordan Kling, MSW, CSW

Therapist at Cascades



Jordan Kling, MSW, CSW

Therapist at Cascades

Jordan works well with strong-willed, creative girls who have become strategic in getting their needs met. The strategy can present as manipulation, impulsivity, or defiance, while the underlying challenges relate to disconnection with self or family, identity navigation, depression, anxiety, or trauma. She uses a family systems approach to support repair within relationships and focuses on the mind-body connection that allows sustainable healing to take place. She uses her relational, strengths-based style to support young women to reclaim their power, confidence and connection with themselves and others. Jordan provides therapeutic intervention that responds to each individual’s needs, cultivating resilience and reminding young women of the inner strength.

Education & Prior Work Experience

Jordan earned her master’s degree in social work with a clinical focus from Portland State University. With over six years of mental health experience in community, residential, and wilderness settings, her diverse employment and training allowed her to work with a broad range of populations. Prior to graduate school, she spent two years as a field guide with Evoke Cascades, which led her to pursue graduate school and return to wilderness as a therapist. Through her graduate studies, she provided group and individual counseling to university students and worked with youth experiencing houselessness. She gained skill in helping clients manage challenges such as addiction, gender and sexual identity, depression, anxiety, self-harm, disordered eating, and low self-worth. After graduation, Jordan spent a year-and-a-half facilitating therapeutic intensives for families in a wilderness setting. She received a Bachelor of Arts in French and English from St. Olaf College in Minnesota. Her passion for language and writing translates into the endless metaphor that connects the human experience to nature, as well as her value of letter writing which supports much of family process at Evoke.


Jordan’s authenticity, creativity and compassion allow clients to lower their prickly defenses that once were protective, but have become maladaptive. She has a knack for validating students’ experiences while pushing them to embrace challenge in a way that will lead to further growth. With her past work as a family therapist, Jordan sees her clients’ opportunity at Evoke as a catalyst for the whole family to engage in the healing process. Her work with individuals is informed by a greater understanding of family patterns and societal expectations that have often contributed to both the challenges that young women face and their own strengths.

Mindfulness is an important part of her approach, which she uses to facilitate embodying, coping with, and regulating emotions in a healthy way. She utilizes the physical aspect of wilderness to help move through emotional blocks, and to equip students with self-sufficiency and purpose that sustains itself beyond Evoke.


Jordan grew up in the Cascade Mountains of southern Oregon where her parents and older brother still live. From a young age, her parents took her on many outdoor adventures, and she continues to passionately explore the wilds through hiking, backpacking, camping, and hammocking. She pursues self growth and learning through reading, podcasts, practicing yoga, meditation, and connecting with people and nature. When not out on a trail or sleeping under the stars, Jordan loves writing hand-written letters, her morning pour-over coffee ritual, baking, collaging, and spending time with her community.