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Jenna Pacelli, MA, AMFT, CHHC, RYT

Therapist at Entrada




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Jenna Pacelli, MA, AMFT, CHHC, RYT

Therapist at Entrada

Jenna enjoys working with clinically complex adolescents and young adults who have a history of acute or long-term trauma, grief, and insecure or disorganized attachment styles. She specializes in trauma resolution by helping facilitate positive changes in the physiological states of depression and anxiety. Jenna operates under the tenet that “trauma lives in the body, not in the story." She takes a fine-tooth comb, bottom-up approach to trauma and other stress disorders as many of her clients have had previous trauma treatment but weren’t improving. By accessing the deepest parts of the brain and body, where trauma is actually stored, her clients learn to self regulate, soothe themselves and live in the present again, often feeling their vitality again for the first time in years.

Her clients tend to be bright, strong-willed, and big-hearted but present with depression, anxiety, suicidality/ideation, and PTSD. They often feel overwhelmed and shut down due to difficult life events and family dynamics. She weaves Somatic Experiencing, family systems, brainspotting, mindfulness, and clinical aromatherapy practices into her relational and transpersonal approach to psychotherapy. She also utilizes canine-assisted psychotherapy to deepen a client’s experience in the field.

Education & Prior Work Experience 

Jenna grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Self-development has always been important to her and she has infused that love into many positions she's had as a counselor, mentor, and leader. She earned her undergraduate degree in Anthropology from UCLA, where she also competed at the national level for the UCLA triathlon team and helped conduct published studies in biological anthropology and psychology. She discovered her love for the practice of yoga when she went through a traumatic loss at a young age. Yoga and therapy helped her heal and set her firmly on the path of helping others.

Jenna worked as a Senior field instructor for Evoke Entrada after graduating from UCLA. She worked extensively with clients suffering from severe trauma, dual diagnoses, self-harm, low self-efficacy and self-worth, and many other struggles. To her, healing must be done from the inside out and she believes that we all have the ability to heal ourselves when given the right tools and environment.

After her work as a field instructor, she traveled to India and Nepal to deepen her studies of yoga, meditation, and yogic philosophy. Upon her return, she became certified as a Holistic Health Coach and has worked for many years as a coach. She has certifications at the 500 and 800-hour levels as a yoga teacher and taught yoga full time throughout graduate school. She has also worked as a mentor for many adolescents coming out of residential treatment to assist them in their transition home. She holds a Master of Arts in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Jenna regularly shares content through her online platform to help people connect with their innate strength and resilience.


Jenna looks at her clients’ lives through a 360-degree lens. She incorporates neurobiological, holistic, somatic, transpersonal, and relational approaches into her work: no part of her clients’ lives go unturned and the entire person is honored and seen as important. She works with people of all genders, races, orientations, and nationalities and helps them understand themselves in the context of privilege, intersectionality, society, issues of oppression, marginalization, their family systems, and intergenerational trauma. She works from the perspective that the client carries deep wisdom within themselves.

Through a relational approach, she helps her clients uncover that wisdom and heal the wounding that keeps them stuck and suffering. She believes strongly in the importance of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance and that her clients can heal themselves when given the right tools and environment to do so. She sees psychotherapy as a tool for individual, systemic, and societal healing and freedom because when we heal ourselves, we pave the path for others to do the same, healing the collective. She understands that when we wake up to who we truly are, away from the influences of our everyday environments and defense mechanisms, we can change ourselves, thereby changing the world over time. She prioritizes turning to natural and holistic solutions first to address any mental, emotional, and physical imbalances before turning to other interventions.


Jenna loves learning about and sharing her knowledge of medicinal-grade essential oils with others. She loves practicing yoga every morning, listening to podcasts, taking Bar Method classes, skiing, cooking vegetarian food, reading self-development books, traveling, getting outside, playing her harmonium (an Indian instrument), and sitting in quiet stillness with a cup of tea. You can often find her being silly and laughing, spending quality time with friends, family, and her big furry (k9) son, Lennon.