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J Huffine, Ph.D.

Founder, Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Director & Therapist at Cascades



J Huffine, Ph.D.

Founder, Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Director & Therapist at Cascades

J works well with clinically complex, troubled adolescents. Many of his clients have significant issues with depression, anxiety, and learning differences. Often his clients are neurologically atypical and could be described as socially awkward. He has an extraordinary ability to assess and understand the underlying reasons his clients are struggling. He has developed very effective ways of getting his kids to engage in their own therapeutic process creating insight,  and inspiring them to see the world and themselves in a new light. He really enjoys working with those who may have lost (or never had) belief in themselves. Many have experienced trauma in the form of social rejection or bullying. He is able to use the power of Wilderness to help them build resilience, find hope, and achieve success.

Education & Prior Work Experience

J has worked as a wilderness therapist for 22 years. He received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas. He taught biology and coached tennis in high school for four years before returning to graduate school. He received a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in School/Clinical Psychology from the University of North Texas. He worked as a school psychologist, mostly with Special Education students, then had a successful private practice before finding his true love in wilderness therapy. After working several years in Texas as a wilderness therapist, J moved to Oregon where he co-founded Cascades and now serves as a therapist there. He continues to enjoy his time in the field working with his adolescent boy's group.


Dr. Huffine’s education, experience, and clinical knowledge, combined with his ability to individualize treatment to the needs of clinically and neurologically complex clients, allow him to work very effectively with families and students alike. He has a unique ability, along with a playful spirit, that enables him to develop an amazing level of rapport with students. Dr. Huffine is a Licensed Psychologist with almost three decades of experience working with adolescents.


J really enjoys outdoor activities including rafting, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, and motorcycle adventure touring. He is happily married. He spends a lot of time with his family that includes a variety of dogs and cats who constantly help keep him humble and grateful. Dr. Huffine has an ongoing interest in research on resilience and how wilderness is able to directly increase resilience in adolescents. He serves on a governor's advisory board for outdoor youth programs in the state of Oregon.