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Chelsie Newkirk, ACMHC

Therapist at Entrada




Chelsie Newkirk, ACMHC

Therapist at Entrada

Chelsie works well with adolescents who have internalizing behaviors, those that are experiencing depression, suicidal ideation, anxiousness, attachment, and struggle with identity and self-concept. She also works well with young people who are defiant and abusing substances. Chelsie is playful and inviting as she engages young people in the wilderness.

She uses an experiential model, asking young people to work in the 'here and now' as she assists them with processing their emotions and struggles. Her therapeutic approach is diverse and individualized, integrating an array of therapeutic lenses to best match the clients and families she works with. Chelsie has experience working with young people who have experienced many forms of trauma, including significant loss, abuse, divorce, or the death of a parent.

Education & Prior Work Experience

Chelsie earned her bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies from Indiana University. During her undergraduate work, she was a behavior technician for adolescents and young adults with developmental disabilities. This population fueled her desire to continue on the path of supporting others to draw upon their strengths to overcome challenges and obstacles in their lives.

Chelsie started as a field instructor at Evoke in 2012 and later was promoted to assistant field director. This experience allows her to build strong relationships with her clients, as well as encourage them to be more accountable. Chelsie earned her Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling and returned to Evoke as a clinical assistant where she learned and trained under dynamic therapists, prior to her role as a primary therapist. With her experience as a field staff and assistant field director, she is able to utilize her team to create a dynamic treatment approach with her clients.


Chelsie often uses strength-based approaches to help her clients overcome obstacles. She is able to attune to her clients to help them see their wounds with compassion and care. She also uses existential and spiritual practices to help clients connect to their values and find meaning. Chelsie often uses mindfulness approaches to help clients become embodied and integrated. She is trained in Brainspotting to assist young people with accessing and processing trauma.

Chelsie values family work and often uses a lens of attachment and systems theory to help conceptualize young people and their families. Her caring and thoughtful nature shine through in her therapeutic work. Her goal is to support her clients and their families with understanding and non-judgment as she assists in shifting the family dynamic.


When she is not working, she is outside as often as possible with her dog, Luna. Chelsie also enjoys climbing, hiking, and other outdoor activities that are abundant in Southern Utah. Chelsie also enjoys reading books or listening to podcasts on attachment, trauma, and neuroscience. She also enjoys combining her love for cooking and spending quality time with friends and family.