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Cassidy Neuman

Admissions & Outreach

Cassidy N



Cassidy Neuman

Admissions & Outreach

With her intense desire to help others and empathetic nature, Cassidy hopes to assist families on their healing journeys and transition into healthy lifestyles. Cassidy has worked with Evoke since January 2019 and hopes to be here for many more years to come.

Education & Prior Work Experience

Cassidy graduated from Butte College in Northern California where she studied psychology and ceramic arts. She brings a unique view to the admissions department with her experience both in the field and out of the field. As a wilderness instructor she worked with youth and young adults for an adventure therapy program for several years. Out of the field she worked as a mentor at multiple Residential Treatment Centers. 


She grew up in the sunny deserts of Southern Utah where she currently resides. Cassidy moved around but the red rocks and vast mountainscapes called her back home time and time again. She spent most of her childhood chasing lizards with her brothers, exploring canyons, swimming in alpine lakes and streams, fishing, and camping with her family. Every summer her family would go on extended camping trips. They were always the highlight of her year. She has always been passionate about the wilderness and how it transforms people. She was the girl with dirt on her face and rocks and flowers in her pockets. Some would say she is still that girl.


She finds joy in touching the earth and digging in the soil. On the weekends when she isn’t adventuring you can find her with her plants, cooking yummy food, and creating art. She is a talented artist and works with several different mediums, clay, textiles, and jewelry are a few of her favorites.