Nateasa McGuire, LCSW

Therapist at Entrada




Nateasa McGuire, LCSW

Therapist at Entrada

Nateasa comes to Evoke with a clinical focus on trauma, attachment, and grief. She works well with clients who are seeking connection and needing to feel seen. She's clinically skilled with clients who present as overfunctioning and perfectionistic. She has an affinity for those feeling anxious, reluctant, ambivalent, or cynical about therapy. Nateasa is highly relational in her approach and often uses irreverence and humor to warmly challenge her clients. She believes that therapy, much like life, involves equal parts laughter and tears. Nateasa incorporates trauma-informed modalities, playful and creative interventions, and intentional skill-building to support individualized therapeutic work.

Education & Prior Work Experience

Nateasa finished both her degrees from the University of Iowa. She double-majored in Sociology and Ethics & Public Policy and completed her Master of Social Work in 2016. Nateasa was an undergraduate and graduate research assistant which is a background that influences her analytical approach to understanding interpersonal relationships and family dynamics. During her graduate internships she worked at a local crisis center in Iowa and then at an intensive outpatient substance use treatment program in Utah. These placements further emphasized her dedication to show-up and be present for individuals and families in crisis. Her first post-graduate clinical experience was at a residential treatment center for adolescent and teen girls. Her residential work set the foundation for her clinical work and provided extensive experience working with clinically complex individuals and families. During this time Nateasa was trained in DBT, EMDR, and therapeutic experiential approaches. Nateasa continued her work with children and families at an outpatient therapy clinic in southern Utah. Here she gained training in Child-Centered Play Therapy and Trauma-Focused CBT. She has specialized training in treating sexually abused children using play therapy and expressive arts, and attachment and identity focused EMDR. Nateasa started working with Evoke as a lead therapist with Intensives. She was trained in Psychodrama and the experience with Intensives expanded her scope of working with complex trauma and family conflict in a group setting. In addition to her work experience, she currently volunteers with a local agency that provides first responder debriefing after critical incidents.


Curiosity is the primary strength of Nateasa's therapeutic approach. She understands that people will intrinsically move toward healing and it's best for the clinician to stay out of the way. Nateasa is affirming and views behavioral patterns through the lens of attachment. She values transparency and directness when provided from a place of attunement. Nateasa is eager to prepare her students and families to feel comfortable with discomfort. She values the importance of tending to our past in an effort to better understand and nurture ourselves. When working with Nateasa you can expect her to reference inner child work, nerd out about neuroscience, and inevitably bring up how trauma is stored in the body. In her extensive experience with working with teens she has developed the ability to make therapy not feel like therapy.


Nateasa is a midwesterner at heart and continues to explore all the nature Utah has to offer. She is a dedicated runner and new to river rafting adventures. Nateasa is a lover of letter writing and museums. She also thoroughly enjoys trashy tv and keeping up with the latest mental health memes. She enjoys traveling and never misses an opportunity to try a new coffee shop. Nateasa's all-time favorite hobby is eating all the delicious food her partner lovingly prepares. She has an exceptional group of friends, mostly compromised of other therapists, who keep her on her toes. In her house, you'll find too many plants and a busy border collie.