Malia Boyd

Outreach & Marketing




Malia Boyd

Outreach & Marketing

Malia joined Evoke in the first days of the COVID-19 crisis. In her first week, she was able to see the positive impact Evoke had not only on its families and clients but also on the public as the company opened up normally private webinars and online support groups to help anyone who was feeling anxious during that difficult time. Watching Evoke’s people pull together to serve the common good was comforting and inspiring.

Education & Prior Work Experience

Originally from Hawaii, Malia started her professional life as a journalist after receiving a master’s degree from Columbia University in New York. She worked as a magazine writer for 15 years before landing back in Hawaii. There, she settled into admissions and marketing at a senior care company.


Malia spent eight years helping families in crisis and developing compassion for the everyday challenges of families striving to keep their seniors safe, while their seniors struggled to keep their dignity and independence. She carried this compassion to Evoke where the central issues are the same, though the ages are different.


Before moving to Utah, Malia could usually be found in the ocean surfing, swimming, shell diving, and racing long distances in Hawaiian outrigger canoes. More recently, she has become an avid hiker and has re-embraced her childhood passion for roller skating. But by far, her most challenging and rewarding "interest" has been single-momming two amazing daughters, who are now young adults.