Identity Issues, Gender Identity Issues, Low Self Esteem & Emerging Adulthood

Identity Issues

Evoke’s Programs are a rite-of-passage for our clients. Based in positive peer culture and informed by attachment theory and self-psychology, our staff help clients reconnect and rediscover themselves. We also train parents in communication, and listening skills in order to equip them with essential tools to further the child’s self-discovery. In our safe settings, clients and parents come to understand the function of debilitating symptoms, without the toxic effects of shame that so often comes hand in hand with these issues. As shame is reduced, clients are better able to be themselves and flourish in ways never before realized. Click here to watch our Vlog with Dr. Brad Reedy about how Wilderness can help someone with Identity Issues.

Gender Identity Issues

At Evoke we employ a progressive mindset with regard to treating LGBTQ students and clients dealing with mental health or addiction issues and we support the placement of transgender participants in the group of their gender identity. We also have transgender employees at each of our locations. We understand the issues and are not willing to compromise when it comes to honoring transgender young people and the courageous road they are traveling. We refuse to treat sexual orientation or transgender as a problem to be fixed, but rather understand the many mental health and addiction issues that often accompany these individuals due to bullying, social pressures, shame and confusion. Click here to read our blog about treating transgendered students.

Low Self-Esteem

Wilderness Therapy is extremely effective at addressing the core issues of low self-worth, confidence, and self-esteem. Each challenge provides the participant an opportunity to build on a sense of efficacy or move from “I cant” to “I can.” This improvement comes in the context of supportive staff and peers and helps clients to be less susceptible to poor life choices. Research has demonstrated that participants in wilderness therapy do improve their sense of efficacy—the belief that they can accomplish challenging tasks. A key element of improving self-worth occurs as participants move from external locus of control (what happens to me creates my happiness) to internal locus of control (my decisions determine my happiness). Click here to read our blog, "How Do I  Build Self Esteem in My Child?" Click here to watch the related vlog.

Emerging Adulthood or Failure to Launch

Evoke’s wilderness program can be a powerful reset for young adults, providing clarification regarding identity and direction. Emerging adulthood is a time for self-exploration and wilderness therapy can offer an optimal setting for participants to experience relief from confusion, anxiety and other barriers preventing success in school, work, family, and social situations. The peace and stillness of nature and mindfulness practices combined with compassionate therapy provide participants with a life-changing experience. Click here to read our blog about Emerging Adulthood.