Family Conflict, Low Frustration Tolerance & Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Family Conflict

Evoke Therapy Programs has an unmatched commitment to helping parents and children through family therapy, parent workshops, support groups, and online webinars for parents and siblings. Weekly parent calls with your child’s therapist and family phone calls with the child in the field provide families with personalized coaching. In-field visits provide families the opportunity to put their new skills to work. The letter writing and assignments in the field help clients move away from blame and move towards accountability and empowerment. Our robust parent portal allows parents to see into the work being done in the field with access to group journals, weekly assignments, posted letters, photos and videos chronicling their child’s progress. Our live webinars are unparalleled in the therapeutic industry and provide parents and families with a twice weekly psycho-educational presentation including a 1-hour question and answer experience led by Dr. Brad Reedy, author and cofounder of Evoke Therapy Programs. Parents will also have free access to hundreds of hours of parenting education recorded by Dr. Reedy covering a myriad of important parenting and wellness topics. 

Low Frustration Tolerance and Difficulty Delaying Gratification

Wilderness Therapy is uniquely well-suited to address and build frustration tolerance and increase delay of gratification. Primitive living, the natural challenges of the outdoors, and group living effectively provide the classroom for building these characteristics. With patience and non-judgment, our expert staff help clients to increase their ability to work for things and increase patience.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Sometimes considered a normal part of adolescence or young adulthood, individuals with ODD are defiant, disobedient, and hostile toward authority figures. Short tempers, deliberate attempts to annoy others, frequent refusal to comply with requests, and blaming others for his/her misbehavior are all hallmarks of ODD. At Evoke, participants learn pro-social behaviors and the benefits of dropping the anger and defiance that is impacting their success and disrupting family life. Parents learn to parent from an assertive stance and take back their lives as they gain a greater sense of empowerment. Click here to read therapist Mike Mein's blog about treating defiance.