Transporter/Logistics Operator

Part-Time Transporter/Logistics Operators at Evoke Entrada in Santa Clara, UT.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Work directly with the Operations Director, Field Directors, and Backup to facilitate logistical support to the field and office.
  • Facilitate intake of participants into the program, including transportation, supervision, outfitting, & general assessment of mental status.
  • Facilitate exit process of participants at the end of the program, including transportation, supervision, & reissuing of personal gear.
  • Facilitate family visits for participants in the program, including transportation & outfitting.
  • Perform various other transportation assignments as needed (i.e. providing supplies to the field, facilitating medical appointments, etc.)
  • Perform basic vehicle maintenance (i.e. refueling, cleaning, minor maintenance).
  • Contribute to a collaborative, productive, positive, and professional company culture.
  • A typical work schedule is Monday-Friday with most scheduling happening for each day the evening before. Work hours each day are based around the type of work needed and flight times for new clients. Hours vary from week to week based on logistical needs. Flexibility with when work happens during those days is encouraged. Weekend work is on a voluntary basis. Any work past 40 hours a week is overtime.


  • Previous experience in therapeutic programs, residential treatment, as a field instructor, and/or transport is preferred.
  • CPR and First Aid certifications are required.
  • Experience with adverse off-road driving conditions is preferred
  • Professional and courteous customer service with clients, families, & visitors
  • Minimum 21 years of age at time of hire
  • Maintain current certification in Aegis crisis intervention & de-escalation, training provided if needed.
  • Flexibility is a must as work hours can vary from week to week based on logistical needs

Part-Time Benefits

  • $14-$16/hour, based on experience and location
  • Mileage reimbursement for those with an appropriate 4X4 vehicle
  • Some part-time Employee Assistance Program benefits

Full-Time Benefits

  • $14-$16/hour, based on experience
  • Health insurance per Evoke’s Employee Benefits policy
  • 401k with company contributions and other benefits per Employee Benefits policy
  • Commitment/performance raises and bonuses available
  • Paid Time Off as described in Evoke’s Paid Time Off policy
  • Special consideration will be taken for people who have an appropriate vehicle to transport clients on paved roads (paid per mile on personal vehicles).
  • Additional consideration and compensation for people who have a 4x4 vehicle that can drive out on the dirt roads of our field areas.

For questions or to submit your resume, please email:
Evoke Entrada
Jesse Eriksen