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Admissions & Outreach

Steve Kirk, Director of Admissions & Outreach, is accepting a cover letter and resume for this position. If you have questions or would like to apply, please contact Steve at:

Evoke Therapy Program’s position for Admission & Outreach is a full-time salary position and includes a competitive salary and benefits package. This position requires a degree in a related area or similar experience in the field. This individual must be self-motivated and able to rely on her/his experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. A wide degree of creativity, initiative, and flexibility is expected, and he/she must be familiar with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures. This individual must be willing to work outside of regular office hours as the need demands and must also be able to work independently and excel at managing detail. Strong interpersonal skills and computer skills are also needed.

Roles & Responsibilities

• Establish and maintain relationships with Educational Consultants and other referring professionals.
• Respond to admissions calls and speak with families and referring professionals about Evoke’s wilderness therapy program, Evoke’s Intensives, and other therapeutic offerings. Educating and assisting families/individuals in learning more about Evoke’s programs and facilitating the application process.
• Conference and event planning
• Schedule and facilitate marketing tours and special events
• Represent Evoke at public speaking events
• Attend at least 3 conferences a year
• Represent Evoke by attending and hosting luncheons, networking events, making first contacts, meeting with prospective parents/clients, and creating and maintaining Evoke’s relationships with referring professionals
• Help to promote overall brand awareness to support the growth and expansion of Evoke’s services

Other duties may include

• Support website and social media marketing efforts
• Provide status reports on marketing trends and efforts
• Help create and organize presentations
• Facilitate the logistics of Evoke’s webinars and podcasts

Evoke Therapy Programs provide personalized therapeutic care with a focus on the whole-health of clients and families. Our programs range from wilderness therapy for adolescents or young adults to individual & family therapy intensives, parent coaching, and customized adventure trips. Evoke provides research proven treatment for those struggling with mental health, addiction and family turmoil. We believe individuals have an inherent wisdom within them, a lasting source of truth. Our innovative treatment models help our participants draw from their experiences to evoke their inner wisdom. To learn more about Evoke Therapy Programs visit us at