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Daniel  Kikkert

Daniel Kikkert

Field Director at Entrada

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As Field Director for Evoke Entrada, Dan oversees the risk management of all field operations, and manages the Field Department. He creates the weekly Instructor schedule, works with upper level staff on development, and supervises and supports the Assistant Field Directors and Field Instructors. He develops and implements program philosophies, and ensures productive communication between the Field Department and other Evoke departments. His responsibilities also include program development, continued training for Instructors, and implementing program policies and procedures. He visits the field weekly to ensure a healthy and effective therapeutic environment for all participants, and a supportive and productive environment for all Instructors.

Dan is currently pursuing a master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology at Sacred Heart University. He hopes to do research in organizational structure and employee support at Evoke, to provide a basis for further development, growth, and innovation. His ultimate goal is to better support the Evoke community, and provide a foundation for spreading ideas and techniques to improve the way we communicate, function, and support each other as a society.

Before starting a career in wilderness therapy, Dan earned his bachelors degree at Penn State University, majoring in physics and minoring in mathematics. He started as a Field Instructor the summer of 2012, became a level 5 Mentor Instructor, and was an Assistant Field Director before moving into his current position. He believes that an open, honest, and supportive approach to management and therapy is the key to success, and has experienced personal growth from engaging with these concepts.

Dan grew up in New Jersey, and fell in love with the outdoors during family vacations to the Adirondacks spent boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, and camping. After moving to Utah he quickly discovered adventure sports, and he now spends time rock climbing, canyoneering, mountain biking, skiing, and backpacking. He is passionate about working with his hands, and enjoys woodworking, home improvement, and mechanical work. He lives in Saint George.