Trina Grater

Trina Grater , MA, ACMHC

Therapist at Entrada

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Clients Trina Works Well With: 

Trina works well with adolescent girls who present as manipulative and show signs of low self-worth, past trauma, addictive behavior (substance and processes), and attachment issues. These young ladies tend to have lost a sense of self, which manifests in a variety of ways. Trina co-creates momentum with clients who experience learning limitations or are identified with dual diagnoses. She remains focused on treatment goals while connecting when others previously may have felt stuck. She has experience working with families from a variety of populations and cultures. Trina meets clinical work with empathy and a sharp awareness within case conceptualization. She is skilled at making the most of experiential avenues to traditional talk therapy. Her therapeutic approach is diverse and individualized, using an array of therapeutic lenses to best match the clients and families she works with. Trina’s approachable and nonjudgmental nature fosters gathering information that is often paramount for conceptualization and to challenge maladaptive behavior and thinking patterns. Trina tends to create interventions and work with models that are solution-focused, where behaviors are viewed as having purpose, that there are many forces at work within the human experience, and that much power lies in one’s narrative. Her relational approach leads to tapping into how our bodies store memories, and how—if one genuinely connects with a sense of self—the answers to struggles can be found within.

Education & Prior Work Experience: 

Trina earned her Master of Arts in Counseling at Saybrook University in California. Her studies were CACREP aligned and emphasized a systems approach. This built on her decade of prior experience in the mental health field, and culminates to making the most of the wilderness therapeutic setting. She holds an associate clinical mental health counselor license, and has worked often with youth populations who identify as female. She is a member of The American Counseling Association. At Evoke Entrada, Trina worked as a field instructor for over four years, and trained as a clinical assistant for over a year. Her internship during graduate school was as a clinician at a residential therapeutic ranch for adolescent girls. She also has prior experience at adult residential treatment. She returns to wilderness therapy because it is real, powerful, and empowering. Trina earned her Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and Communications from Roanoke College in Virginia. Studying literature and our human experience in general remain passions for Trina. This humanistic underpinning to any of her clinical models resonates with the philosophy at Evoke Entrada.


Trina is known for her authenticity and for holding clients accountable. She balances her client’s self-discovery with means of having fun. Her enthusiasm is described as contagious, which she feels grows from staying curious, and she engages and empowers clients. Trina is creative and incorporates a range of expressive arts in her clinical work. She recognizes that gaining productive life skills and offering a strength-based approach cultivates therapeutic traction.


Trina is a middle child with two brothers, and was raised in Northeast Ohio. Like the counseling she offers, Trina is passionate in her personal life and continuously committed to personal growth. She has many interests, and current hobbies include yoga, swimming, and learning to play the guitar. She enjoys baking, dancing, and engaging in her local community. When she’s not working, she can be found spending time with her growing family, taking on travel adventures, and enjoying tea while reading on her cabin porch.