Program Resources

At Evoke we have many resources to offer families during and after their treatment with us. The following is a guide to some of our most valuable offerings with descriptions to help families determine which ones might be a good fit for them:

Parent Support Groups

A two hour meeting to offer support, encouragement and guidance that brings current and alumni families together to support one another. We encourage families to attend whenever they are scheduled in your area. Click here for list of currently scheduled Parent Support Groups.

Parent Workshops

These are 2 day workshops that are offered several times per year. We encourage all families able to attend to do so during their family members stay at Evoke. They will give you the opportunity to see first-hand, in a small group setting, what your child is learning during their wilderness experience. This parallel process is a very rewarding experience for families. Click here for currently scheduled Parent Workshops.


These are 4-6 day experiences for families, individuals or parents and they are a great resource when you want to accelerate the treatment process and create dynamic change. These are meant to be a “Shot-In-The-Arm” when a more intensive focus is needed. Click here for more information on Intensives.


There are 2 new webinars recorded each week on relevant treatment topics and answers to questions submitted by families. These are a great free resource, in addition to the 200+ archived webinars in our online library. We encourage every family to take advantage of the webinars as often as possible during and post- treatment. Click here for more information or to watch a sample webinar.